The Team

We didn’t set out to make the next big app. The project grew out of the lessons learned and passion formed during the winding career of our founder on his own path to satisfying work. Out of that, Dave Barrs developed a burning passion to help students and young professionals find paths to fulfilling work and careers.

Dave spent 12 years, often after work, testing and coaching students and frustrated young professionals. “Aha moments” from students and parents . . . passions unleashed . . . and career paths made right energized Dave and redeemed the frustration he had experienced in his own path.  Eventually a mobile and web platform was the “no brainer” solution to reach as many career seekers as possible.

Dave put his own strengths as a creative, builder and visionary to work building a platform to serve young career travelers. Then his own daughters, their classmates and eventually hundreds of students and young professionals shaped thryver into what it is becoming.