Gratitude Judo Series – Part 1

A Judo master knows how take energy and momentum of an assailant and re-direct to his own advantage. Maybe you’ve experienced that same sort of thing in discussion with a significant other or boss. You call out your roommate for leaving a mess. Next thing you know, he’s pointing out how lucky you are to live with someone who is so flexible and adaptable and doesn’t need a lot of structure. Lucky you!

Here’s a positive way to apply that psychological judo to our greatest frustrations and turn them into gratitude. In large part, much of what frustrates us is simply symptoms of progress and abundance.

Gratitude Judo tip #1


From this morning

How long does it take to pour a cup of coffee????
How long does it take to pour a cup of coffee????

Ready to start our thanksgiving road trip this morning, I found myself fuming in a painfully slow line at a certain coffee shop where there was only one cashier.

Lucky me:

I have so many choices that I actually bought my coffee in a different place than my breakfast. There is actually such a thing as a second cashier in many stores, which has saved me years of my life. I got to see how much room for improvement I have in the area of patience. And as I finish typing this, we will only be 4 minutes late to the slow rural Virginia destination that we are speeding to.

Tip: Little inconveniences may just be a sign of how much we really have.